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Skin Eczema – Best Ways To Treat Skin Eczema

Eczema is a kind skin disease. It is the inflammation of the outer layer of the skin or what is called the epidermis layer. It can occur to anyone – babies, children and adults. The skin will appear scaly, flaking and will have blisters. The person with eczema will experience extreme itchiness. Below are ways on how to treat skin eczema.

1) Avoid things that cause allergies such as perfumes, detergents and creams.

2) Watch your diet. Your food intake could trigger eczema. Common reasons are food items such as eggs, fruits, fish, and milk.

3) To allow your skin to breathe, wear natural fabric and cotton clothing.

4) Heat can aggravate the skin condition that’s why you have to avoid staying under the sun or sunbathing.

5) Check the bath products you are using that can irritate and dry your skin such as bubble baths. Bath oils are generally advisable.

6) Use a moisturizer that has greasy formula such as vegetable shortening and petroleum jelly.

7) You have to relax and distress. Stress is one of the factors to flare-up eczema.

8) Have a daily dose of vitamins – vitamin A that is good to soften the skin, vitamin E will help relieves itchiness and dry skin, and vitamin B-complex formula will help you have a good blood circulation and healthy skin.

9) Drink herbal tea such as dandelion, red clover or myrrh. This is to have a healthy skin.

The best treatment for skin eczema is to avoid the causes. For instance, if you have allergies to metals or plants, avoid them. Make sure to consult first with a medical practitioner before doing any home remedies or taking any medications.

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Scalp Eczema – How To Get Rid Of Scalp Eczema

Scalp eczema is also called seborrhoeic dermatitis which is characterized by red or pink in color, flaking of the surface and peeling of the scalp. This is a common disease which is harmless to patients but it’s irritating. Once the patient constantly scratches the affected area, it will lead to infections and complications.

There are numerous ways on how to treat scalp eczema. Below are tips on how to get rid of it naturally.

1) Use shampoo that contains natural ingredients. Avoid shampoo that has fragrances and scents that might be too harsh on your scalp. It is highly recommended to use oil-based shampoo such as olive oil. It will help treat the roots of your hair and will moisture your scalp.

2) Massage the olive oil onto your scalp after you bathe. For better results, you let it stay for a while onto your scalp. It is advisable to apply olive oil before going to sleep.

3) One of the best treatments of scalp eczema is to heal inside – watch what you eat. You might be eating foods that trigger eczema that you have to watch out for. Take foods rich in vitamin E. It is known to give relief to itching scalp and treat affected skin. Include fresh green leafy vegetables as well in your diet.

4) Take as many glasses of water as possible. It will help you moisturize your scalp.

5) Control the urge of scratching. No matter how itchy your scalp is, do not scratch. It will just increase the inflammation, infection and scaling.

6) Prepare an oatmeal paste to relieve the itchiness. Soak in water ¼ cup of oatmeal. After 20 minutes, mix well and remove the liquid by straining in a cup. Add
5 drops of rosemary and another 5 drops of lavender oil. Mix the paste carefully. Dab the mixture on your scalp and let it stay for 10 minutes.

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