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How To Get Rid Of Eczema At The Back Of Your Knees – Tips For Treating Knee Eczema

Anyone who is suffering from knee eczema will try to find treatment. There are many ways in treating this kind of skin disease. Below are tips on how to treat knee eczema naturally and can be done at home.

1) Have proper hygiene. Have a habit of taking a bath regularly. It will help prevent outbreaks if you are always clean. Just don’t stay too long in water and use warm water. Do not go for a bubble bath. It is highly recommended that you avoid shampoo, conditioners, soaps, or lotions that have scents and perfumes. Choose products which contain natural elements. After you bathe, make sure to apply creams and lotions and do not let your skin dry.

2) Drink plenty of water at least 10 to 12 glasses a day. This serves as your moisturizer inside your body. It will help you hydrated and improve your skin.

3) Take oatmeal baths. You just fill your bathtub with 2 to 3 cups of oatmeal which you can buy in the supermarket and then fill with warm water.

4) Have a healthy diet. Avoid foods that will help flare-up and outbreak of your knee eczema. For instance, not all fruits are good for persons who have eczema. Seeded fruits are not advisable for persons suffering from eczema.

5) Take natural supplements such as vitamin E, C and fish oil. Take note that you do not have to take all these supplements in one meal. Take it one at a time. It’s like testing which works best for you.

6) Make an epsom salt wrap. Mix warm water and 2 to 3 cups of epsom salt in a basin. Immerse the gauze in the mixture for 5 to 10 minutes. Then wrap your knees with the immersed gauze for 30 minutes. Rinse thoroughly and dry your knees with a clean towel.

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Hand Eczema – What Are The Best Ways To Treat Hand Eczema

Hand eczema is also known as hand dermatitis. It is a skin disease which the hands become dry, red, cracked, inflamed and will develop a rash. This disease is not contagious although it looks like. The causes of hand eczema are combination of different factors such as hereditary, aggravated by work, or it contacted allergens. This type of eczema is usually acquired by people working that involve metalwork, cleaning, hairdressing, mechanical work or healthcare.

Treating hand eczema is usually harder to treat because the hands are usually exposed and prone to allergens. Extra care should be done when treating this kind of eczema. Below are ways to how you treat hand eczema.

1) Use prescribed medicines by your dermatologist. Do not use any creams or ointments that you just thought will relieve the pain and itchiness. It could worsen the scenario. Apply or take the proper dosage only.

2) You may use natural cures. Dab onto your skin a green tea herb using a cotton wool ball. It will help prevent the spread of the eczema and will nourish the skin once you combine the application with coconut oil.

3) Use epsom salt wraps. Prepare a mixture of warm water with two cups of epsom salt. Soak the surgical gauze in the mixture for 5 to 10 minutes. Get the gauze out of the mixture and wrap your hands. After 30 minutes, remove it and rinse your hands with cold water. Dry your hands with clean towel. This treatment will cleanse your wounds and eliminate dead skin that causes swelling and itching.

Remember that before you do any treatment, you should consult a dermatologist. This is not a type of disease that can be self-medicated. There are different cases of eczema that requires different medications.

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