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Eczema And Asthma – What Does Eczema And Asthma Have in Common?

Eczema and asthma are among the two most common childhood diseases with several points in common. Both eczema and asthma are chronic, non-infectious and result from the body’s immune system reaction to certain allergens. But with further research, it was already proven that eczema may not only have similarities with asthma—eczema can also in fact be a cause of it!

Eczema is a skin disorder that causes breakouts of red, scaly rashes that are itchy and can become painful. But while eczema may only appear to be a skin problem, doctors are getting increasing evidence that eczema patients are more prone to having asthma as well as fevers typical of allergic reactions. Doctors have assumed that the weakened immune systems of these patients have lead to having both eczema and asthma. But recent research has shown that if left unattended, this skin problem may end up bringing damage to another system.

Doctors have already handled many cases wherein many children who initially had eczema develop asthma from months to years after the development of rashes. This phenomenon, known as the atopic march, was further studied and finally understood by the scientists of Washington University School of Medicine. Their studies have shown that a certain substance from eczema damaged skin, which circulates the body. This prompts the secretion of a substance, the Thymic stromal lymphopoitein, that will enhance the immune reaction of the body. For the lungs, this will cause increased mucus secretion and inflammation of airway passages—typical manifestations of asthma.

Based on their findings, doctors have recommended that eczema should already be treated with corticosteroid creams and exposure to triggering factors in the diet and environment minimized in order to prevent possibility of progression to asthma.

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