Scalp Dermatitis – How To Treat Your Scalp Dermatitis So It Never Comes Back

Thinning hair, patchy flakes, excessive oily and itchy scalp- have you been suffering with these conditions for a long time? The mentioned signs are indicators of scalp dermatitis. This scalp condition is caused by the excessive oil production and activity of one’s sebaceous glands. Typically, sebum aids to moisturize, lubricate and nourish follicles, shaft and cuticles. But over active sebaceous glands tend to produce excess oil that accumulates on the scalp, skin and pores. This oil accumulation can then, easily attract dirt and bacteria that clog pores and irritate tissues. When these conditions persist, these may result to severe scalp dermatitis.

In treating scalp dermatitis, it is important to keep these measures to prevent the skin condition from coming back. The presence of flaky and itchy dandruff can be embarrassing and persistent. Hence, it is important to know the different steps to control it. Commonly, frequently shampooing is the key. Look for hair cleansers that contain zinc PCA, coal tar, salicylic acid or antifungal medications like ketonazole and miconazole as active ingredients. It is essential to keep regular scalp washing. Shampoos should be done daily until scaling vanishes. Then, it can be minimized to its application for once to twice a week. Topical corticosteroids can be effective eczema management. These medications reduce lesion inflammation.

Other than these, you can also apply the natural remedies of healing eczema. You may apply aloe vera gels to soothe and moisturize the skin area. Apple cider vinegar, olive oil, extra virgin coconut oil and flaxseed oil may also be alternatives. Through all these things, it is important to keep regular body hygiene to have scalp dermatitis from coming back.

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