How Can You Cure Your Allergic Dermatitis?

Allergic dermatitis is a skin condition that occurs in response to exposure to certain allergens or substances that irritate your body’s immune system. This may cause skin itching, redness, localized swelling and inflammation. To effectively address these concerns, it is important to know the specific allergen that has caused the disease. Once known, the essential step is avoiding one’s exposure to the irritant. Some common allergens include nickel, poison ivy plants and acrylics.

People working in industries using these materials are highly susceptible in developing allergic dermatitis. Among these are the dentists, jewel and ceramic workers that interact with nickel daily. Doctors, particularly orthopedic surgeons are also at risk of developing the case as they work with acrylics. It can also be caused by harsh chemicals from detergents and cosmetics. Thus, one should know the specific allergen affecting him before attempting any of the treatment. Diagnosing is primarily done through physical exam and medical history. Patch test may also be recommended if the irritant remains unknown.

Basic rule in treating allergic dermatitis is to never delay such treatment to prevent development of complications. The first step to take is to apply a damp cloth over the area to be certain that all irritants have been removed. For mild to moderate cases, doctors usually prescribe corticosteroids to reduce inflammation. For severe cases, systemic steroid may be given. When the condition improves, its dosage may then be tapered down. Antihistamines are also recommended to relieve intense itching.

It is also advised to refrain from wearing tight-fitting clothes and to observe proper body hygiene using mild soap and lukewarm water. With proper health teaching and dedication to your medication therapy, allergic dermatitis won’t be a worrisome issue anymore.

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