Food That Makes Eczema Worse – What Foods To Avoid When You Have Eczema

Ask any eczema patient, regulating the diet and eliminating food that makes eczema worse can have a huge impact on living with the disease.

Eczema is notably known for causing skin inflammation, dryness, scaling and uncomfortable itchiness. And once you study what could be a cause of eczema, you may notice that simply put, it is like an allergic reaction to irritants or allergens with the results showing up on the skin. So if you want to relief from eczema, reduce symptom severity and prolong periods of remissions, you should start taking out the food that makes eczema worse from your diet.

First off, you should obviously eliminate any food that you think is making your eczema worse. There are many foods that can cause you allergic reactions, like milk, eggs, seafood, certain fruits and even food additives. Taking an elimination diet test, where you take out foods from your diet list one by one and check for any significant changes, is a way to find your food allergens.

But if you don’t have any food allergies, then there are still foods that you should eliminate if you’re an eczema patient. List of food that makes eczema worse include wheat products like barley and rye. Many patients have reported significant improvement on their condition once they’ve taken out wheat from their diet. While it is difficult to eliminate wheat from the diet because of its vast availability, you can start by substituting your wheat flour for brown rice or coconut flour, and your wheat bread to millet or quinoa breads.

Highly acidic foods can also be a culprit for your worsening eczema. These would include meats like beef, pork and chicken, as well as processed foods, since they are full of chemicals and produce by-products in the body that can worsen the eczema. You should also eliminate milk and other dairy products because they are composed of big molecules that the body finds difficult to digest.

So the bottom line is, not only should you remove any food allergen in your diet to keep your eczema under control. The best way to stay healthy and keep eczema from making your life a nightmare is by keeping your body toxin-free through eating healthy.

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