Eczema and Children – How To Treat Eczema In Kids

Why is eczema and children a common thing? But first, what is eczema? Eczema is a skin condition where the skin gets really itchy and dry. Eczema is a skin inflammation meaning the skin gets irritated, sometimes swells and often turns red. Eczema can be caused by many things such as allergens, irritants and bacteria.

In fact, new born babies are very susceptible to skin eczema once they come out of their mother’s tummy. This is mainly because the baby’s skin hasn’t still adjusted to the new environment he/she is in. And since babies are still very fragile, they can’t cope that easily to the air we normally take in. Our environment now is full of bacteria, dust and allergens that we’ll never know that are there. Hence, new born baby skins tend to be very dry, red and very itchy. This commonly happens among two to six month old babies.

Some say, there is really no specific root cause of this but some say it can be hereditary, specifically if the mother or father has allergies too. Another thing to be worry about is the future effect of eczema and children. They say that once a child has eczema, this gives a higher chance for the child to develop asthma or other allergies when he/she grows up.

There is no specific cure when it comes to eczema and children, but there are many ways on how to lessen the irritable feeling and itching. Give you baby a daily bath and make sure to always moisturize his/her skin. That way, he/she won’t try to scratch all day.

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