Eczema Acne – Tips On How To Get Rid Of Eczema Acne.

Eczema Acne is a skin condition that is very common among children. It usually starts to manifests at around three months of age for infants. Once a baby has eczema acne, you can see his/her skin is inflamed, red and swollen. It is actually very itchy. But it’s a good thing that babies always wear mittens in their early months. Up to date, there is still no known root cause for this. Some say this is hereditary while some say that the mother might have passed this on to the baby during her pregnancy. Since during pregnancy, the woman is more sensitive and susceptible to allergens and bacteria that might trigger her skin condition. Eczema acne can also happen among adults, and can take place in different parts of their body or even the face.

So, how can one prevent this from happening to him/her? If you know that you are sensitive to some things like fiber, specific food or chemicals, it is best to avoid it. Avoid anything that might trigger an allergic reaction. And when you already have eczema acne, the best thing would be to put on some steroid cream to reduce swollenness and avoid scratching it. Take a bath daily with warm water and make sure to moisturize afterwards. There are many home remedies you can do to like putting some lemon juice on your skin so it will speed up the healing process. You can also take so homeopathic remedies so that your body can help heal your eczema acne.

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