Ear Eczema – How To Get Rid Of Ear Eczema

Ear eczema is characterized by itchiness and sensitivity within the ear. For most, ear eczema is very difficult to deal with since most of the time; the itching is not within reach. Moreover, as time goes by, what started out as itchiness can already turn into soreness of the ears which will make you not want to touch it at all. Your ears will get dry, itchy, flaky and red. Once this happens to your ear, expect some fluid leakage or discharge coming out from your ears already. Also expect major sensitivity around your ear area too.

How can this be treated? Or simply stop the pain? For one, you have to try and avoid all the irritants you can. Some say that getting water into the ears can already cause ear eczema. The use of cotton buds is also considered since you keep rubbing back and forth the dirt it has already accumulated in your ear. Another is by wearing earplugs or earphones that you don’t constantly clean due to the dirt build up.

So, just avoid these things and make sure everything you put in your ear is clean. Next best thing is to get it checked with an Ear-Nose-Throat Doctor who can really check what is going on inside your ear. He can clean your ears first, and then prescribe medicines to you like an antibiotic for the bacteria and some painkillers to help you ease the pain or some antihistamine to help you with the itching. But best of all, remember that your ear eczema will heal faster if you do not scratch it.

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