Dermatitis Remedy – The Best And Most Effective Remedies For Dermatitis

While dermatitis is a non-infectious skin condition that is not life threatening, it can be a very uncomfortable disease to have. Dermatitis is a chronic skin disease occurring anywhere in the body, most commonly in the hands, legs and sometimes in the mouth and eyes, causing inflammation and extreme itchiness.

Unfortunately, there is no cure for dermatitis available yet in the market. What you can do however is to avail of the several dermatitis remedy options that have been tried and tested to relieve the symptoms and restore skin condition to normal.

Dermatitis affected skin is very sensitive, and harsh chemicals can make the rashes worse. Wash the affected areas only with mild, hypoallergenic soaps and use mild shampoo for the scalp. You can also use a combination of slippery elm bark, white oak and comfrey root in warm water to wash away dead skin cells.

Several dermatitis remedies target the irritating itchy sensation that comes with the disease. Natural and herbal medicines like vitamin E and mineral oils, aloe vera gel and tea tree oil are known to help relieve the itch, promote healing of the rashes and encourage skin cell renewal. Taking zinc supplements and applying zinc ointments are also helpful in soothing the itch and preventing further skin breakdown caused by eczema. Doctors can also prescribe medication as dermatitis remedy. Immunosuppresants in the form of topical corticosteroid ointments can reduce inflammation and promote healing of rashes, and taking antihistamines are also said to reduce severity of dermatitis symptoms.

There are many available options to help relieve your dermatitis, but know that these methods are not cures. They only help soothe inflammation and the itch of dermatitis, but the rashes and damage on the skin disappear and reappear on their own and depending on presence of irritants. Therefore the best dermatitis remedy to be dermatitis free for as long as possible is still by preventing intake and exposure to said irritants, and by keeping the skin healthy and well taken care of.

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