Dermatitis on Face – How To Get Rid Of Facial Dermatitis

There is no greater fear than to have any bad or severe skin condition on your face. Unfortunately, this does happen. Some common dermatitis on face is Atopic Dermatitis, also known as Eczema and Seborrheic Dermatitis, characterized by flaky and scaly skin.

Eczema can be seen around the eyes. It can affect the lids, the brows and the lashes. But be reminded that only constant scratching and rubbing can make the appearance more severe. Some even develop a “Dennie-Morgan” fold under the eyes when they have dermatitis on face, while some can have hyper pigmented eyelids that darken due to the irritation. Scratching and rubbing can change your appearance.

A more common dermatitis on face is seborrheic dermatitis where the skin on the face gets scaly and flaky. This will also cause your skin to be red and constantly itchy. This can really be quite embarrassing but do not dismay, since there are many probable cures for this problem. First, you will need to visit your dermatologists and get your skin check before taking or applying anything as it may worsen your case. He/she might prescribe anti-fungal or steroid creams to lessen the inflammation and itching.

You might also be taking some Fish oils due to the fatty acid it provides. This fatty acid helps with lessening the inflammation. Your diet everyday can also be changed; you might be eating too much oil. Lastly, homeopathy can also be a very good cure for you as this will help your body’s natural healing process to combat your dermatitis on face.

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