Dermatitis in Children – Effective Tips For Treating Eczema On Kid

Atopic Dermatitis is very common among infants and children. Studies show, that even during pregnancy, the mother is already in high risk of having atopic dermatitis. Eczema is the more common word used for Atopic Dermatitis in children. Signs of eczema will start to show around two to six months of baby’s age. This might be because of the baby’s skin still not adjusting to the common air we breathe in. However, a big root cause of this might come from the parents if they have any allergies or if the mother has gained some allergy during her pregnancy. Dermatitis in children will usually start in the face, from the forehead then down to body, then goes to the creases the elbows and knees. This is characterized by swollen, red and sometimes crusty skin.

There is still no primary cure for atopic dermatitis, but there are many treatments that aim to lessen the severity of the skin eczema like the itchiness, redness and inflammation. One of these is using moisturizers. Since a child with eczema has very dry skin, the best way for him/her not to start scratching is to always keep the skin moisturized. For more severe cases, some opt to use steroid creams, this should be applied right after giving the child a bath. Also make sure that you use non-drying skin soap. For the itchiness, doctors prescribe antihistamines for this. Furthermore, avoid anything that can trigger eczema like wool fibers, soaps that can dry the skin or simply sweating. Always keep your children feeling fresh and light to avoid dermatitis in children.

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