Children With Eczema – How To Deal With Children With Eczema

Any parent who has had children with eczema can tell you how hard it is to cope with the skin condition. Children with eczema, especially those of the youngest age group, find it hardest to cope because they will want to scratch the affected areas for relief, which can lead to raw skin or even open sores. Parents can also become frustrated if their efforts to relieve their child won’t work.

Eczema is a chronic, hereditary disease that causes skin rash breakouts that are itchy, reddish and sometimes even painful. Children can have eczema as early as infancy and can last as long as adulthood. It is also a condition that cannot be totally eliminated, so what a parent can do is to help prevent exacerbation, or increase in severity, of symptoms and promote relief for the child. For that, it all comes down to two points: removing irritants and taking care of the skin.
Eczema can actually be worsened or even triggered by certain irritants, and each child can have a unique reaction to the known allergens.

Determine if there are foods in the diet that your child may be allergic to, like eggs and milk, and eliminate them from the diet. Dress your child only in breathable fabrics like cotton, and avoid using harsh detergents and fabric softeners on your clothes. When it comes to the skin, bathe your child only in lukewarm water using mild soap and pat the skin dry after bathing, not rub. Use lotions and creams to keep the skin moisturized, as well as medicinal or herbal ointments of your choice like topical corticosteroids, zinc ointments, mineral oils like vitamin E and primrose oil.

Children with eczema can take a lot of effort and patience to cope with, both for the children and their parents. But if you know how to deal the symptoms of eczema effectively, you can save yourself and your child time, effort and discomfort for the years to come.

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