Children Eczema – How To Treat Children Eczema So It Never Comes Back

Eczema is one of the chronic disorders that usually occur during childhood. It is a non-infectious skin disorder that is extremely uncomfortable for children because it causes the skin to dry up, redden and itch. Parents and caregivers should pay special attention to children eczema because not only can it lead to infection due to continuous scratching but also because if left untreated, it can cause other disorders like asthma and fever.

In terms of treatment, there is no permanent cure for children eczema, and it can disappear and reoccur throughout the child’s life until a possible permanent remission in adulthood. But while occurrence of eczema episodes cannot be controlled, its severity and preventing flare ups is something you can control.

Children eczema can be considered an allergic reaction, so one of the best methods to control it is by controlling the child’s exposure to possible irritants. They can come from foods like eggs, milk and wheat products, chemicals like detergents and perfumes, temperature changes and even stress. Once the irritant aggravating your child’s eczema is discovered, it is best to eliminate it from your child’s diet and your home to control exposure. Anti-allergy medications may also be given to alleviate the symptoms.

In taking care of the child’s skin, use lukewarm water during baths and wash only with hypoallergenic soaps and shampoos. Moisturize the skin using lotions and creams made of skin healing ingredients like the herbs comfrey and chamomile, and reduce the inflammation and itchiness with topical corticosteroids prescribed by your doctor. Avoid using petroleum jelly based products because they tend to warm up skin and increase discomfort.

Also, supplementing essential fatty acids in the form of mineral oils like fish and olive oils, as well as use of vitamin E and Zinc creams can help speed up skin healing and reduce severity of eczema symptoms. So while there is no real cure to children eczema so that it never comes back, the best thing any parent can do is to help the child cope with the disease as comfortable as possible. So try the above suggestions and consult your doctor before trying any form of alternative therapy to make sure that you achieve just that.

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