Atopic Eczema – How To Treat Atopic Eczema

Atopic eczema is a very common skin disease that is also called, atopy or dermatitis. This disease includes itching and skin rashes. Unfortunately, atopic eczema can only be prevented and controlled but cannot be totally cured. Your aim is to reduce the itchiness, inflammation and prevent flare-ups. This usually occurs in children. Some treatments can easily be found in pharmacies and done at home. For your guidance, below are ways on how to treat atopic eczema.

1) Emollients – It is the most common treatment for eczema. This is to give your skin plenty of water, and help to stay smooth. Emollients can be used even by people who do not suffer from eczema. The best time to apply emollients directly on your skin is after a shower or bath. However, there are eczema lotions that can be used even bathing.

2) Mild steroid creams – This is used to calm the skin and to control the inflammation.

3) Strong steroid creams – This treatment are usually prescribed by the doctor if none of the eczema milder treatments worked. This type of medication can be bought only with doctor’s prescription. Make sure to keep in mind that the cream should not stay long on your body because your skin will be thinner. In this case, you have to make regular appointments with your doctor for check-ups. For worst cases of atopic eczema, steroids in tablets can be taken. These tablets should not be taken for a long period of time.

4) Antibiotics – If the skin is infected already, this can also be taken for eczema. It usually eases the itching and will help you have a good night sleep.

5) Anti-itch creams – These medications can be bought over-the-counter for mild eczema.

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